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 The Charter of the Port Royal Trading Union

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The Charter of the Port Royal Trading Union Empty
PostSubject: The Charter of the Port Royal Trading Union   The Charter of the Port Royal Trading Union Icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2008 3:49 pm

The Port Royal Trading Union is a group of light role-playing British Captains on the Rackham Server in the On-line game Pirates of the Burning Sea. Our intention is to work together as an actual Society, to the benefit of all, in PvP, PvE,RvR, and trading situations.

It was granted an English Royal Charter by King George I on January 13, 1720, with the intention of favoring trade privileges in the Caribbean.

I would like to take a moment and thank you for looking at our wonderful society. We are very active and the internal workings of the society are amazing. The trade members of this union have reached higher goals than I could have imagined. While continued growth is needed some limitations will have to be implemented on society size. Our union is focused on the benefit of itself and we encourage the sharing of resources within the society, while gouging the market for all we can take.

Fleet size and participation varies from member to member. Some play more than 12 hours a day, well most, but others we see every other day or so. That isn't a problem and your welcome to participate as much or as little in inter-society shipbuilding as you see fit. We will be a sizable force to be reckoned with on Rackham Server!

I hope we meet your expectations and look forward to adding you to the ranks. Fair winds and following seas!
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The Charter of the Port Royal Trading Union
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