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 Public Announcement: Joining the Port Royal Trading Union

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Shamis MacLeod
Shamis MacLeod

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PostSubject: Public Announcement: Joining the Port Royal Trading Union   Mon Jan 14, 2008 3:48 pm

Joining the PRTU has a few easy steps.
1. Get invited by a society member in-game, or open recruitment.
2. Sign up for this board and post something about yourself, wait to be confirmed by an Officer.
3. Please post your character (s) name, background, and any other information you'd like to share in the "Profession, History, and Goals" forum once you have been accecpted.
4. Have at it! If you're a Free Trader or just interested in helping one, please post what items you are making or wish to make under the Free Trader forum. Even people that have no interest in the economy can help by volunteering to take a few minutes every few days to produce easy items like Oak Logs or Hemp. You can make easy money or get reimbursed with usable items!
5. Please check back here every few days for announcements and calls for help.
6. On the social tab ingame is the ventrilo server information. log into vent so you can be registered and given your password for the server.
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Public Announcement: Joining the Port Royal Trading Union
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